Custom Commands PREVIEW
Creating task-oriented voice applications has never been easier.
Build your own custom,
task-oriented voice applications
We’ve taken our experience building agents, like Cortana, and designed a simple tool for creating task-oriented voice apps. The interface makes it easy to create an app that uses voice. It’s perfect for when you don’t need a full agent, but want to use voice for commands and controls.
If it sounds simple, that’s because it is
Here’s how we’ve made it easy for you to tune your audio with a user-friendly GUI and minimal coding.
Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3
To build your command, just (1) provide examples, (2) define parameters and (3) list actions to execute. (We do the rest on the backend.)
Apply commands to multiple domains
For instance, the skill “ON/OFF.” You can adapt it for the lights in a home. The heater in a car. Or the audio on a smart speaker.
Change responses mid-turn
Alter your previous response, and the system will update in real time.
Robust error repair out-of-the-box
Handle common pitfalls for voice requests such as missing parameters, information out of order or erroneous input.
Here are just a few of the capabilities
Max turn handling
Senses when the user is stuck, to allow for a “more graceful fail” by limiting the number of repeated responses.
One step correction
Allows the user to update or correct the input provided for the command.
Easily switch between commands
Jump from one command to another, then return. Just like in real life.
Allows enabling extra confirmation before executing the task action to avoid the wrong operation.