Custom Keyword
Create a custom keyword to set your brand apart – making it both more personal and personable. All while ensuring that the data spoken stays as private as possible.
New to Speech Services? Create a Speech resource
Key words about keywords:
private and secure
When you have a voice agent, a keyword gates the commands. This keeps what’s spoken both local (on the device) and private. Audio is never sent to the cloud unless you’ve addressed the device – and there’s a high degree of confidence in the command. To add extra security, we’re introducing keyword verification. This means that a command may be sent to the cloud, but not acted upon, if it’s found to be incorrect, also known as a “False Accept”.
Differentiate your device. Strengthen your brand
Unique to your brand
A custom keyword is an extension of your brand expression. It reinforces the equity you’ve built. And because of the intimacy of the exchange, deepens consumers’ connections.
Simple to start
Choose your keyword. Select one or more pronunciations from the suggested set. Download the zip file. Start using your new keyword.
Fast and secure
Audio input operations are processed locally – for both speed and privacy.
Always improving
The model gets better as new data is added.
From the Generic Base Model, choose a brand-specific keyword
Generic Base Model
Unbiased, generic model.
Untrained Model
Great for prototyping. It’s benchmarked to open-source solutions. Keyword spotting is on the device (it comes with the Speech SDK), and it’s free.
Initial Trained Model
For commercial use. As you provide your audio data, it’ll be ready for consumer- facing tasks.
Fully-Adapted Model (2020)
As more people use the service, the model will see thousands of keywords – allowing continual refinement.