Custom Speech
Customize speech recognition models to your needs and available data. Overcome speech recognition barriers such as speaking style, vocabulary and background noise.
New to Speech service? Create a Speech resource
Improve speech recognition quality
Evaluate and improve speech recognition accuracy for your application.
Upload data
Create a project and upload your audio data, along with transcripts and related text.
Evaluate performance
Test and compare the results of Microsoft’s speech-to-text models, and evaluate the accuracy.
Improve accuracy
Improve overall and proper name recognition accuracy by training a custom model.
Deploy custom endpoint
Deploy your own custom endpoint to use in your application.
Creating a custom speech-to-text model
1 Create a Speech resource at
2 Prepare some test audio files.
3 Test Microsoft’s standard speech-to-text.
4 Upload training data (related text/audio/human transcripts).
5 Train custom speech-to-text model.
6 Deploy model.
Tenant Model (Custom Speech with Office 365 data) preview
With this opt-in service, the system will automatically generate a dedicated custom model leveraging your Office 365 data to deliver optimal speech recognition accuracy on your organization-specific terms and people names, in a secure and compliant fashion.
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Dedicated and optimized speech service for enterprise with high accuracy in various speech recognition scenarios. Don’t lose out on important keywords/ phrases, technical terms and people names.
Azure + O365
Benefit your applications using Azure Speech service to improve productivity for your enterprise.